NX Series 3 Phase Dual Conversion

  • Dual Conversion UPS Technology
  • 3 Phase Input, 3 or 1 Phase output
  • 5 – 250kVA Power capacity range
  • Internal Maintenance Bypass
  • Full Galvanic Isolation

The NX Series UPS is a dual conversion, on‐line, three phase system for use as centralized power protection and distribution. The dual conversion process converts the utility AC supply into DC power, which is used to charge the batteries and supply power to the inverter. The Inverter then inverts the DC power back into a high quality, regulated and isolated AC power source. The wide operating range of the UPS system allows it remain online without discharging or depleting the battery capacity. This makes it fully compatible with poor quality industrial electrical environments, as well as unstable generators.

The UPS continually monitors and provides conditioning to the incoming electrical power, removing under‐voltages and over‐voltages, sags and spikes and other irregularities that are inherent within industrial power systems. The NX Series UPS system supplies clean, consistent power at the rated voltage with a low distortion pure sine wave for your sensitive electronic equipment. Blackouts, brownouts and other power interruptions, regardless of duration, can be protected against with additional battery cabinets to provide the necessary emergency power to safeguard your operation.

NX Series provides a truly isolated output to eliminate all types of power aberrations as well as Common and Normal Mode noise, increasing the reliability and life of the loads connected.

Full Galvanic Isolation

Full Galvanic Isolation provides a completely isolated and referenced output. This isolation protection provides a
proven solution to problems created by induced voltages affecting the critical loads. Since the output circuit to
the load is completely isolated and no noise induced on the neutral can permeate to the loads, systems operate
in a more reliable fashion. Also, this type of protection increases the life span of equipment by eliminating noise,
which breaks down components.

Modular design

Each major component (inverter, rectifier and static switch) on the NX Series are installed on slide‐out modules.
This allows for quick repair (mean time to repair of greater than 30 minutes) and easy field upgradeability.

Fully digital

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and flash memory are the technology corner stones of the new age of power
quality and reliability.

High Efficiency

Thanks to IGBT technology, the NX Series UPS’s have a high efficiency. This, combined with IPRO, results in the
most cost‐efficient and reliable UPS solution in the industry.

Convenient front panel design

The LCD display and control switches are accessible through the up, down, and enter switches below the front
panel window. All the viewable parameters can be read without opening the front door. The inverter on/off
switch is protected from accidental operation by being located behind the locked front door. The inverter can
still be switched on and off via the control switches on the front panel, but this feature is password protected.

UPS monitoring and management via SNMP module (included)

Direct access of remote UPS and active management of single modules in multi‐unit configurations are the keys
to efficient and predictable power quality management. The SNMP Client/Agent structure, direct link, or remote
connection enables a network manager or facility engineer to permanently monitor and control local or remote
Always On™ UPS systems and the equipment and processes they protect.

A real‐time graphical display of critical UPS parameters and environment information of multiple decentralized
UPS’s, as well as statistical data and event log files, are available on every local computer display and network
management system or on the Internet. Additionally, UPS status information changes can be sent to such varied
information carriers as SMS, network management systems, email or fax.

High Efficiency Mode

The high efficiency function adds cost effectiveness, maximizes efficiency and reduces power consumption.
Alternating between bypass and on‐line modes is achieved automatically and in accordance with the conditions
of the AC supply power. On‐line mode may be used during times of intermittent power, and bypass mode when
the utility is within user‐selectable parameters in order to obtain greatest efficiency. Irregularities can be
detected in less than a second, and on‐line mode reactivated immediately.

Extension of battery life

Batteries are a critical part of every UPS solution, acting as the power supply in the event of an AC power failure.
They are sensitive products that need to be handled and monitored continuously and carefully in order to
increase their lifetime and predictability. Always On™ includes superior battery management within the entire
NX Series family and is a comprehensive management and monitoring system that prevents batteries from
overcharging and deep discharging. The NX Series features a ”no surprises” automatic battery test, and boost
charging, which equalizes recharging of batteries.


Short circuit, over‐temperature and over‐voltage protection is built‐in to protect the NX Series UPS against any
form of misuse. Back feed protection, complete protection circuits and excellent overload behavior provide
outstanding user protection and application security on every UPS system. Full galvanic isolation is also included
in the NX series.

Extremely flexible

The NX Series UPS offers tailor‐made power protection to comply with your individual installation requirements.
Options include a 6‐pulse rectifier (instead of the standard 12‐pulse rectifier) for units under 80kVA. In addition, a comprehensive software suite can be added for mission control and data protection.

IPRO (Isolated Parallel Redundant Operation)

For the highest standard of reliability. Mission critical applications such as hospitals, airports, oil industries, refineries, and marine require the highest availability of power. Always On unique IPRO technology sets. Decentralized bypass, redundant control electronics and batteries offer perfect load‐sharing and robust fault‐tolerant operations.

Remote LCD Display Panel

Full monitoring and control of multiple UPSs from a common panel located up to 300M away.

Top Cable Entry

Module attached to the rear of the UPS cabinet to allow for convenient top cable termination.

Emergency Power Off

Switch Local or remote located switch to activate EPO function.

Harsh Environment Protection

Several NEMA and Ingress Protection (IP) rated options, as well as seismic mounting brackets, are available.

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