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Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of UPS systems and power conditioning equipment. Our engineered solutions protect sensitive electronics against surges, blackouts, electrical noise, and transients. We provide complete, customized solutions to meet customer needs.
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Complete Solutions

Always On takes great pride in providing complete solutions. This includes all modes and levels of protection being designed into every system we build, eliminating the need for additional equipment to be added to address the total system requirements. We do not cobble together standard products like some of our larger competitors do, but instead provide a customized engineered solution to meet customer needs. Ensuring protection and power quality through every mode of operation requires coordination between all system components. This includes surge protection devices, inverters, batteries, battery chargers, bypass systems, transfer switches and power distribution units.

Quality Control Is Our Highest Priority

Every employee and manager at Always On take a personal interest to ensure that all stages of each product are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest degree of quality within our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. This QMS certification, along with our numerous safety approvals (such as our various UL, CSA, CCMC, BMEC, or ABS listed products), gives us the confidence to set us apart as one of the leading UPS manufacturers in this industry.

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