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Marine-Classed Uninterruptible Power Systems

Electricity has been used on board ships for over one hundred years, with the initial introduction in 1880 of power lighting on the passenger ship SS Columbia. Since that introduction, usage has continuously increased and has become a critical component in the running of safety and navigation equipment. These onboard power systems have grown in complexity and quality over the years, leading to stricter reliability requirements throughout the industry.

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Marine Approved Units

Electrical power on board a ship has always been complicated in comparison to power on land because it includes DC and AC subsystems of several operational frequencies and voltage levels, particularly in more complex tech-forward ship builds. On land we use grounded AC power systems that serve to prevent shocks or electrocution; however, if we were to use grounded AC power systems on board the possible ground current may give rise to serious electrolytic corrosion and damage to the system, as well as shock or electrocution risk to onboard personnel/passengers. Design considerations of an electrical system on board a ship may be extensive. The focus is on providing high power with minimal space demands.

Marine Power Solutions

Marine based systems have all the same problems that systems on land have. There is risk of harmonic distortion, power surges, switching transients, power sags, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, brown outs, and power failures. The difference between those problems occurring on land vs on board a ship is the end result. Interruptions in power may cause unnecessary, preventable stress and wear on a ship’s electrical systems.

Always On Marine-Classed UPS’ – Solve All of Your Common Power Problems

  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Power Surges
  • Switching Transients
  • Line Noise
  • Frequency Variations
  • High Voltage Spikes
  • Power Sags
  • Brown Outs
  • Power Outages

Always On Marine-Classed Uninterruptible Power Systems

According to ABS standards, an off-line UPS unit, a line-interactive UPS unit, or an on-line UPS unit can be used as needed for your power backup needs; however, it is ONLY an on-line UPS unit that will solve ALL the problems mentioned above. All of our Always On marine-Classed UPS’ are on-line dual conversion design. Additionally, on all of our marine classed systems, we use a high-grade conformal coating on all circuit boards, and a NEMA grade enclosure to ensure the most rugged design. Our Marine UPS’ have options for customization and are designed with your requirements completely fulfilled.

For more information on our Marine-Classed products, please click the link below to read our ABS white paper.

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