Preventative Maintenance Services
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Why should you invest in a Preventative Maintenance Plan?

A regular maintenance that involves inspecting, cleaning, calibration, and functional testing of all modes of operation ensures factory specified performance throughout the lifecycle of the UPS System. It is necessary to identify and correct potential problems before they can occur. This helps to prevent unplanned and inopportune downtimes and outages of critical systems and keep them performing reliably.

Record keeping is a snapshot in time for tracking and analysis of the results, of the components’ performance as the system ages. Maintenance takes into account the actual age of the specific devices, comparing expected performance to the lifespan. This allows us to monitor the health of the UPS system and take corrective action as necessary under pre-planned conditions.

What are some common causes of UPS failure?

Batteries have limited lives. Typically, poorly performing batteries are a major cause of UPS failure due to lack of system maintenance.

Capacitors degrade over time, often without clear indicators of degradation. The effects may not be apparent immediately. Part of preventative maintenance is to check crucial components such as these for wear and age.

Voltage spikes may cause damage to the input side of the UPS. Preventative maintenance checks include an input test of the filter/rectifier.

Outdated or forgotten operator training also causes many power interruptions. Refreshing operator training often so they have a solid understanding of the correct operation, warnings, and alarms of the UPS system and associated equipment will reduce error.

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