Environmental Policy
Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.

Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc. is committed to safeguarding against negative environmental impact by minimizing the environmental impact of its operations across North America. We commit to this statement of belief by:

Promoting awareness and protection of the environment through appropriate risk management systems that identify, prioritize, and address environmental impact.

Making environmental impact a vital component of all business decisions to ensure that any potential impact be considered in planning for new and modification to materials, processes, equipment, and facilities.

Communicating with our customers both internal and external including, but not limited to, governments, local communities, unions, employees, and suppliers, in identifying and resolving environmental impact issues throughout our operations.

Using our resources efficiently to minimize waste and emissions. Prevention of pollution at its source is a key priority in waste and emission reduction management.

Reviewing our strategies, objectives, and targets annually and monitoring environmental programs to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental practice.

Conducting ongoing audits to ensure compliance of environmental legislations and our own management system; and further, ensuring that any issues receive prompt corrective action.

Holding management accountable for providing reliable leadership in regard to environmental matters, and for providing adequate training and resources.

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