NFC Series

The Always On™ NFC Series Frequency Converters are manufactured to provide clean, regulated and controlled power at the customer specified voltage and frequency. Based on the Always On™ NX Series, the NFC Series provides clean, isolated, reliable and consistent power to all critical loads at the expected levels required.

The NFC Series Frequency Converters are intelligent, dual conversion, on‐line, three phase systems for centralized frequency conversion, power protection and distribution. The “dual conversion” means AC utility is converted into DC power which, in turn, charges the batteries and supplies the inverter, which inverts the DC power back into highly regulated and isolated AC power supplied at a frequency (50, 60, or 400Hz).

This continuous on‐line Frequency Converter is available in models from 10kVA up to 250kVA. This dual conversion prevents power aberrations from affecting the connected loads. The NFC Series Frequency Converters provide reliable and robust protection and frequency conversion, allowing for reliable and protected power to be available for all specific and critical loads.

Frequency Conversion

This permits the user to configure a system with any input voltage (208, 480 or 600) and
input frequency (50 or 60Hz) with any output voltage (208/120, 480/277 or 600/347) and output frequency (50,
60 or 400Hz), independent of the input configuration.

Full Galvanic Isolation

Full Galvanic Isolation provides a completely isolated and referenced output. This
isolation protection provides a proven solution to problems created by induced voltages affecting the critical
loads. Since the output circuit to the load is completely isolated and no noise induced on the neutral can
permeate to the loads, systems operate in a more reliable fashion. Also, this type of protection increases the life
span of equipment by eliminating noise, which breaks down components.

Modular Design

Each major component (inverter and rectifier) on the NFC Series Frequency Converters are
installed on slide‐out modules. This allows for quick repair (mean time to repair of <30 minutes) and easy field upgradability.

High efficiency

Thanks to IGBT technology, the NFC Series Frequency Converters provide high efficiency.
Fully digital: DSP (Digital Signal Processor), flash memory and PWM strategy are the technology corner stones of
the new age of power quality and reliability.

Extremely flexible

The NFC Series Frequency Converters offer tailor‐made power protection to comply with
your individual installation requirements. Options include a 12‐pulse rectifier and a Smart Panel (SP). In addition,
a comprehensive software suite can be added for mission control and data protection.

Optional Battery Banks

Always On™ has also allowed for the option of back‐up time to be added to the system
to eliminate the need of purchasing a UPS system and a frequency converter. This runtime package will allow for
UPS‐like operation at a user specified frequency (50, 60, or 400Hz).

Frequency Converters: 50 or 60Hz Input Frequency / 50, 60, or 400Hz User Defined Output Frequency 10kVA ‐ 250kVA

NFC Series Frequency Converter Single Line Drawing