Emergency Lighting Inverters Single Phase / Three Phase


BOREALIS Series Emergency Lighting AC 3-Phase Inverters are among the most
reliable systems available for emergency lighting and other demanding critical applications.

The BOREALIS Series Emergency Lighting AC Inverters are Dual Conversion, On‐line, three‐phase, intelligent systems for centralized power protection. These continuous on‐line Emergency Lighting AC Inverters are available in models from 8kW up to 48kW.
The BOREALIS Series Emergency Lighting AC Inverters provide reliable and constant protection for mission critical emergency lighting, and infrastructure applications such as airports, hospitals, and financial companies.


Three Phase ELI

These ELI’s provide full time self‐diagnostics as well as two levels of audible alarms when the unit is operating in battery mode. A manual test switch has been incorporated into the input/test breakers that make testing a simple procedure. The internal bypass switch allows maintenance on the ELI’s to be performed without interruption of power to the load.

The communications port, in conjunction with multi‐platform monitoring and control software, enables the unit to be connected to a local or networked computer system. Detailed operating information including voltages, currents, and alarm status is available to the monitoring system.

Full Galvanic Isolation

Provides a completely isolated and re‐reference output. This isolation protection provides a proven solution to problems created by induced voltages affecting the critical loads. Since the output circuit to the load is completely isolated and no noise induced on the neutral can permeate to the loads, systems operate in a more reliable fashion.

Fully digital

DSP (Digital Signal Processor), flash memory, and multi‐contact strategy are the technology corner stones of the new age of power quality and reliability. Extremely flexible: The BOREALIS Series offers tailor‐made power protection to comply with your individual installation requirements. Options include a 12‐pulse rectifier, and distribution panels.


An internal maintenance bypass switch is standard with all BOREALIS 3 phase inverter units.

EMI suppression

An EMI filter is added to meet the international EMC limits to ensure that no noise will effect
or interfere with other equipment connected to the same AC source.

High frequency design

The three phase BOREALIS design incorporates a full bridge three‐phase inverter. This design makes the BOREALIS perform better than other Emergency Lighting AC Inverters in the market when an unbalanced load is connected.

Cold start function

The BOREALIS can be started without the utility AC supply being activated, or present at the input terminal strip because our system is designed with current limiting circuitry, which allows Startup of the BOREALIS on battery DC power.

Intelligent charger

The BOREALIS will perform an automatic monthly recharge (boost charge) of the batteries as well as automatically recharge (boost charge) the batteries when the battery voltage level decreases to approximately 2V/Cell. It makes the batteries stay in good condition.

Intelligent battery test

The batteries are tested monthly automatically. When an abnormal condition (low charge rating, or bad battery) is found the user will be informed immediately through alarms on the BOREALIS systems.

MTBF of Cooling Fans

Long cycling fans will operate at variable speeds necessary which is dependent on the load
of the inverter systems increasing the life expectancy of the fan motors.


SNMP adapter to remotely control and monitor the unit via a network or the Internet.


Output Circuit Breakers: Supports normally on or normally off circuit breakers.

Additional Run Times: These can be 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, other configurations are available.

EMBP: External Maintenance Bypass. This device allows the load power to be transferred from the inverter output to the AC supply. Thus the inverter can be completely removed or repaired without interruption of power to the load.

RCMP: Remote Control and Monitoring Panel. This option provides remote alarms to indicate the inverter status.

Borealis – Three Phase ELI

  • The input voltages are WYE or Delta, but the output voltages are 3 phase 4 wire plus ground (WYE) configuration.
  • Other voltage ratings and configurations are available.
  • For order codes, consult Always on UPS.
  • Consult Always On UPS for available runtimes and more information.