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Electrical Service Entrance

The Always On™ TTF/ILF (Toroidal Isolating Line Filter) combines a low‐pass series filter with a toroidal isolation transformer.


Electrical Service Entrance filters protect the electronic and electrical equipment in the building by supplying power protection at the main and sub‐panel locations.


Our ESE’s offer high end protection for industrial and commercial environments and our specifically designed and tuned circuitry provides protection against all potentially dangerous electrical aberrations. They eliminate and attenuate to safe levels common and normal mode noise, massive surge impulses, indirect lightning strikes and their effects, interference associated with low frequency harmonics, spikes and transients, as well as problems associated with electrical utility failures caused by accidents, storms, etc.

Electrical and electronic equipment create their own power aberrations, which creates problems for other loads and equipment ‘downstream’. These aberrations will travel down the power bus to the power panels, where they propagate to other loads via other branch circuits. By installing Always On™ ESE power panel protection devices, these problems will not occur.

Always On™ ESE Power protection offers TWO Methods of Protection

1) For all New Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction:
The ESE protects electronic equipment in new buildings (security, environmental, networking, communications, appliances, systems, etc.) from potentially destructive and disruptive externally generated power spikes and transients, massive surges, indirect lightning strikes, low frequency harmonics and common and normal mode noise.

2) For all Commercial and Industrial Retrofits:
In commercial and industrial environments, the ESE offers the same features as above and protects ‘downstream’ branch panels from externally and internally generated power aberrations such as spikes, transients, massive surges, low frequency harmonics and common and normal mode noise. Stop the problems before they can occur. Eliminate all potential problem‐causing and damaging power aberrations by having an Always On™ ESE filter installed.


The ESE features self‐diagnostics, LED indicators and removable fuses per phase, which eliminate dedicated and costly 3 phase panel breakers.