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Mission Statement
Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.


Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc.™ is a proudly Canadian-owned company headquartered in Kelowna BC, Canada.

Decades of experience are employed in the design and manufacture of Always On™’s high quality Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Power Conditioning Products in ISO 9001-2008 Certified facilities.

Always On provides and designs emergency power solutions for all industries including Industrial, Commercial, Military, Medical, Government facilities, Educational facilities, Oil/Gas, Pulp & Paper etc.

  • Always On™ has developed ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) marine approved three phase shipboard UPS systems (link last 3 words to https://www.alwayson.com/products/abs-marine/)
  • Always On™ provides Emergency Lighting Systems approved to UL924, BMEC and CCMC (link words Emerg Lighting Systems to this page: https://www.alwayson.com/products/emergency-lighting/)
  • Always On™ UPS Systems Canada Inc. is a Solution Provider for all applications. Our design teams will design solutions to meet your requirements. Recently we have provided solutions of portable emergency power systems for MASH units and most recently we have provided UPS solutions for nuclear power plants.
  • Approved for use by numerous engineering consultants
ABS Approved Product | Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.
Kelowna Chamber of Commerce | Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.
Certified ISO 9001 | Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.
C UL US Listed | Always On | UPS Systems Canada Inc.
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