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Power Management & Shutdown Software

UPSmon Plus — Data and Software Protection

Included standard in every single-phase UPS system

UPSmon Plus prevents your computer from crashing during a power failure. If the UPS's battery runs low, in the case of a power failure, UPSmon Plus will detect this and perform an orderly shutdown of your computer before the battery runs out. The auto-shutoff feature is also used to perform scheduled shutdowns and startup of your computer during normal operations. With the use of your computer modem, UPSmon Plus can send an event code to your pager to notify you of a power related event on your system. A data recorder is also featured that records power data in a graphic form to facilitate analysis of power quality conditions.

Communications: RS232 Bi-Directional

SNMP Adapter — Integrated Intelligent Power Management

Included standard in every three-phase UPS system

The IIPM packages are comprised of the SNMP Agent, an SNMP adapter and onEvent. These are available to efficiently control and manage the GES Series UPS's. The excellent network management feature lets you easily manage over the Internet/Intranet using TCP/IP and Ethernet.

IIPM features remote monitoring and control via a TCP/IP network and provides a hierarchical architecture to manage your UPS's. It also features notification via email, pager, audible alarm or broadcast and graceful graphics for monitoring and displaying real-time status of your UPS. IIPM also provides remote shutdown, file saving and password protection.

UPSmon Plus Network — Data and Network Software Protection

UPSmon Plus Network lets you monitor and manage multiple UPS's through your TCP/IP network from a central location. Using your network, UPSmon Plus Network can auto-shutdown an unlimited number of computers in the event of a power failure. The email and pager features can notify you of a power event. The Redundant UPS monitoring feature permits two or more redundant UPS's to be monitored. If one redundant UPS fails or is taken off-line for maintenance, UPSmon Plus Network still monitors the backup UPS and provides auto-shutdown protection in the case of a power failure.

Communications: RS232 Bi-Directional and TCP/IP