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Company Quality Policy

Over 100 years of combined experience is employed by Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc. in the design and manufacture of high quality UPS systems and Power Conditioning devices. Always On incorporates highly efficient low-pass series and TVSS noise filters in each UPS to give Total or 9 levels of protection. We guarantee that all UPS's and Power Conditioning products will continue to be manufactured to the highest degree of quality that is required to achieve certification to the latest ISO 9001 standard.

It is the objective of Always On to provide our customers with the most cost effective, reliable, state of the art UPS and Power Conditioning products while continuing service to the highest degree. This will be accomplished by being absolutely committed to supplying solutions to our customer’s requirements and satisfying their needs, while continuously improving our products and service. Strict adherence to the latest ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard will help us achieve this objective.

Always On works closely with our suppliers to keep them abreast of the specific controls that have been implemented to ensure the quality of the supplied materials never compromise the performance features or functionality of our products.

Each manager is responsible to ensure the procedures for their responsibilities are implemented and followed at all times.

Every employee has the responsibility to ensure that quality is maintained in their daily activities. All activities or processes that may jeopardize this quality need to be reported to the Quality Management Representative immediately.

Policy Aims and Objectives

Always On is committed to: