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Dual Conversion On-Line

NX Series

NX Series

10kVA – 250kVA

Three-phase industrial UPS systems

Multiple voltage configurations

TN Series

N & TN Series

700VA – 15kVA

Single-phase industrial/commercial UPS systems

Multiple voltage configurations

ABS Approved marine units available | External wrap-around bypass systems available

Emergency Lighting Inverters

Aurora ELI


3kW – 15kW

Single-phase input

Single-phase output

Borealis ELI


8kW – 48kW

Three-phase input

Three-phase output

Line Interactive

L Series

L Series

800VA – 3kVA

True sine wave output

Commercial and light industrial applications

Extended backup times available

Home / Office Protection

Limousin II

Limousin II


Pulse width modulated output

Transformer based automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

Isolating Line Filter

Isolating Line Filter


1800VA maximum

Single Phase

Series filter / SPD

Isolation transformer

Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Device

Electrical Service Entrance

Wye or Delta

Bi-directional parallel

Single-phase or three-phase

Up to 600kA / 600Vac

Low-Pass Series Power Filter

PLC Low-Pass Series Filter

PLC Two-Plus & Two-Plus-Two

50 / 60 Hz

360VA – 1800VA


EMI suppression / SPD

Frequency Converter

NFC Series

NFC Series

10kVA – 250kVA

Three-phase input

Three-phase output

50, 60, 400Hz

Power Distribution System

Genie Smart Panel

Genie Smart Panel

Reacts in less than one cycle

Short circuit protection

Clears faults to prevent loss of power to other equipment

Batteries and Battery Bank Units

ALW Battery

ALW Batteries

Specifically designed for Always On UPS Systems

36Ah – 160Ah


10-year design