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A regular maintenance that involves inspecting, cleaning, calibration and functional testing of all modes of operation ensures factory-specified performance through the lifecycle of the UPS System. Record keeping is a snapshot in time for tracking and analysis of the results, of the components’ performance as the system ages. Maintenance takes into account the actual age of the specific devices, comparing expected performance to the lifespan. This allows us to monitor the health of the UPS system, and take corrective actions as necessary under pre-planned conditions.

ALW Battery

All batteries have limited lives. Typically, poorly performing batteries are a major cause of UPS failure due to lack of system maintenance. To accurately assess battery backup capacity, a load test and measurement must be performed as part of a regular maintenance program. Regular battery discharge and recharge operations, and data collection ensure that it is known when the batteries are reaching the end of their life. Cycling the batteries helps to equalize cell voltages and corrects chemical impurities. Inspecting and cleaning the batteries and connections maintains system efficiency. Verifying temperatures to detect possible thermal runaway conditions of a battery (due to a hot environment) allows for preventive action to be taken to reduce the chance of damaging the rest of the batteries.

Many power interruptions can also be a result of human error. Refreshing operator training so that they have a solid understanding of the correct operation, warnings and alarms of the UPS system and associated equipment, will reduce the consequences of any incorrect action.

We also have UPS monitoring software that can protect your computer or computer network.

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