Canada Line, Vancouver, BC. Image © Atomic Taco

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Always On products are put into service by many world renowned companies and users who rely on our expertise and the high reliability of our systems to protect their critical installations. These include industries such as the oil, gas and mining industries, airplane and other manufacturing plants, hospitals and operating rooms, rail and marine transportation systems, data centers, army, navy, air force and military installations, nuclear and other power generating plants, public utilities, and emergency systems for buildings.

Engineered Solutions

Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc. is not your typical manufacturer. In addition to providing standard product, we provide engineered solutions to fit unique applications and customer requests. Some of our projects are shown below.

Boeing assembly line Boeing assembly line

Boeing — Moving assembly line crawler — 100kVA

Modular power Modular power

Transportable modular power — Canadian military hospital — Afghanistan — 100kVA

John P Tully

John P. Tully — Canadian Coast Guard

System for the Canada Line

Canada Line — Rapid Transit — Vancouver, BC