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Genie Panel

Genie Smart Panel

The Genie is designed to supply AC power and isolate multiple critical loads fed by one panel. Genie is manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities and incorporates the Always On Specifically Designed Breaker (SDB). Genie protects the connected loads from reacting to problems caused by short circuits, ie momentary loss of voltage (opening contacs, re-boots, etc) and high current spikes creating a possible hazard at the failed or shorted loads. During short circuit condition with a standard distribution panel, the UPS will be automatically transferred to static bypass mode, allowing the input utility to supply dangerously high currents (approximately 1000% of the maximum UPS current) for 18 to 22 cycles (the normal amount of time a standard breaker requires to clear). Also during the time the load breaker is being cleared a large transient will be created resulting in possible damaged equipment. In the event the faulted load breaker is not cleared, the UPS will shut down, due to extended overload, or the UPS input breaker will clear causing a power loss.

Genie Cabinet