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Corporate Environmental Policy

Always On UPS Systems Canada Inc. is committed to safeguarding the environment and minimizing or reducing adverse environmental impact of its operations across Canada and the United States.

We will achieve environmental excellence by our commitment to:

Promote awareness and protection of the environment through an appropriate management system that identifies, prioritizes and addresses environmental risks.

Make environment a component of business decisions, ensuring the environment is considered in planning for new — and changes to existing materials, processes, equipment and facilities.

Communicate with customers, governments, local communities, unions, employees and suppliers to identify and resolve environmental issues.

Conduct our business in compliance with applicable environmental regulations and legislation.

Use resources efficiently and minimize waste and emissions. Prevention of pollution at source is a key priority.

Review yearly, our strategies, objectives and targets and monitor environmental programs to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Conduct ongoing audits to ensure compliance of environmental legislation and our management system and take corrective action.

Hold management accountable for providing leadership on environmental matters, for achieving specific targets and objectives, and providing training and resources.

Ensure employees comply with the Always On environmental policies and procedures.