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Dual Conversion On-Line Systems

NX Series

NX Series / N & TN Series

  • Total isolation
  • High reliability
  • Extended backup time
  • Generator compatible

Our NX, N, & TN Series are dual conversion true on-line UPS systems designed for critical applications which provide the attached loads with isolation from the utility or generator supply. At all times, the loads are supplied power from the inverter, which is fed by the batteries. The wide input range is designed into these systems while maintaining output at various voltage and frequency configurations. The three-phase systems are available from 10kVA to 250kVA, and the single-phase systems from 700VA to 20kVA.

  • NX Series
  • Three-phase
  • Industrial UPS systems
  • Multiple voltage configurations
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Modular design, for low MTTR
  • High efficiency
  • Intelligent communication interface
  • N & TN Series
  • Single-phase
  • Industrial / Commercial UPS systems
  • Multiple voltage configurations
  • Extensive front-panel metering
  • Remote shutdown and emergency stop

For more information, contact us or see the NX Series section and the N & TN Series section from our catalogue (8MB download).