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External Wrap-Around Bypass Systems

  • Isolates UPS for maintenance
  • Make-before-break switching to prevent loss of power to the critical load

A separate cabinet to allow for complete removal of the UPS system from the load, while still supplying the load with conditional power. Always On offers various systems which include isolation transformers for different voltage configurations, distribution panels, electro-mechanical interlock protection to ensure proper operation, rotary switch operation and transient voltage surge suppression.

Inside a bypass system Bypass system Rotary bypass system

Systems are supplied in a matching cabinet or wall mounted cabinet. These systems are recommended for maintenance purposes to prevent accidental removal of power from the loads and to allow for complete power removal from the UPS system for safety considerations.

Automatic Transfer Switch Automatic Transfer Switch

Always On also offers an external ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) which is fully programmable for automatic electronic operation. This will automatically switch to bypass (alternate source) in the event there is loss of power from the system for any reason.