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ALW Batteries

ALW160-12UPS Battery
  • Valve regulated
  • 10-year design

We take great pride in our ALW Series batteries. Years of research and development, along with ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems and UL Listing, ensure the highest quality and performance from our battery systems. The range of battery sizes and capacities is unique in the industry, and their specifications are optimized to ensure maximum performance for our broad range of UPS backup power and emergency lighting inverter systems.

Our tough standards during manufacturing, quality control and testing ensure that only batteries meeting the tight specifications of the product are integrated into the rest of our system designs. Our special process of grouping battery types during transport and storage maintenance allows us to easily match our batteries during assembly of our battery cabinets.

As part of our certification by CSA and listing by UL, each battery, charger and inverter of a fully assembled system is accurately calibrated and vigorously tested through each mode of operation, including battery discharge and recharge cycles. This is done to ensure that the complete system is in compliance with the required safety standards.

ALW Batteries ALW36-12UPS ALW56-12UPS ALW85-12UPS ALW110-12UPS ALW160-12UPS
Capacity (25°C / 77°F) 36Ah 56Ah 85Ah 110Ah 160Ah
Voltage 12V
Weight 12.6kg / 27.7lbs 17.5kg / 38.5lbs 26.0kg / 57.2lbs 32.0kg / 70.4lbs 45.5kg / 100.1lbs
ALW Batteries Range
Capacity 360Ah – 160Ah
Voltage 12V
Weight 12.6kg – 45.5kg

Battery Cabinets

KF cabinet

Our battery cabinets come in a variety of sizes to suit your backup time needs. For even longer run-times, multiple cabinets can be used to increase storage capacity. The cabinets themselves have several useful features, such as:

Dimensions KA, KB, KC, KD, KE cabinets KF, KG, KH, KI, KJ cabinets
mm 815w × 1020h × 865d 1314w × 1945h × 850d
inches 32w × 40h × 34d 51.5w × 76.5h × 33.5d
Dimensions KA – KE Cab KF – KJ Cab
width 815mm 1314mm
height 1020mm 1945mm
depth 865mm 850mm